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    Today’s guide is designed to help you when you receive the socketexception 11001 error code. Socket error 11001 occurs when the client cannot connect to the server over the Internet. This results in the user being unable to open a certain site or FTP due to the internet service.


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  • I have now written an SFTP connection which is a kind of connection to a secure site host (MBox location) in .NET Core:

    IPHostEntry ip = Dns.GetHostEntry(Host);Using the client (sftpclient is equivalent to the new SftpClient(ip.ToString(), port, user, password))    // connect to the client    client.Connect();    var files = client.ListDirectory(PathToRead).ToList();    ......    // wait for the download to complete    Wait Task.WhenAll(Tasks);    // Disable the client by logging out    client.Disable();

    Is 11001 no such host is known?

    This error indicates that the remote host or agent is unreachable due to one of the following reasons: DNS problem, i.e. H The IP address of my intermediate device cannot be resolved from its DNS name. The relay server address for the outgoing port is being blocked by your own firewall.

    Hosted in Azure App Service using a subscription and Azure AD collected for my tenant’s domain. When I run the code I see the following error:

    Error connecting to FTP. Exception: System.Net.Sockets.(11001): socketexceptionNo such node is known

    What is host not found error?

    Your host appears on the Internet, but when you try to connect, you get the following error: Host not found. The host may have been disconnected or lost its connection to the Internet since the computer list was last updated.

    Can someone help.

    Martin Covered
    socketexception error code 11001


    asked a 17-year-old in March 2020 at 7:56 pm.



    The Root Cause Of Our Own “No Known Host” Error

    How do I fix error 11001?

    Make sure you are using a good hostname.Make sure you have a uniquenameserver, otherwise people will have to use the host’s IP address instead.Try pinging the remote computer to see if it is responding.Try another hostname that is known to work.Check the host table on your PC.

    In the scenario I tested and the online posts I checked, the root cause was usually the same: DNS name resolution failure. Basically, your function is trying to call an API URL or connect to a solution, but it can’t find the hostname, or your host can’t do a DNS lookup for thathostname.

    Because this is primarily a DNS name image resolution issue, nothing you can do in Visual Studio, IIS, TFS, or Windows will resolve this issue. However, a painless code update can do wonders!

    What causes a socket error?

    A “socket error” indicates that data not sent over the network did not arrive on time. The easiest solution to this problem is to perform a factory reset and update the firmware. If the connection error persists, try connecting to the lamp directly from the PC.

    Similar issues on external sites: CodeProject, GitHub a>, Microsoft Support.

    Another visual bug: studio Remote Debugging Monitor (MSVSMON.EXE)

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    socketexception error code 11001

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