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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered a sky Plus Magic Eye that has stopped working. probableThe most common cause is incorrectly matched connectors on one or both ends of the coaxial cable connecting the Sky Box to the TV above. Can they test that the magic eye is faulty without plugging it directly into the rf2 connector to make sure it’s consistent! flights.

    This is a recurring issue, and there can be a number of reasons why the Magic Eye isn’t working properly, so it’s best to check all of the following before investigating the possibility of bad gear now:

  • Is the RF2 output of the SKY™ active? Will (other TVs in the same house will not display if this function is not enabled)
  • Is there an image required? try setting the TV again.
  • Is the full eye closure indicator on? (This indicates that the DC voltage is very high on the SKY™ unit that is under control)
  • Am I using the most appropriate “SKY” bypass amplifier? (when using amplifier)
  • Are all my cables properly connected?
  • Are all connections available? (Make sure none of the braids are touching the center strand.)
  • Do I usually use “insulated” outlet panels? (Insulated panels have an internal DC unit that prevents DC voltage from entering the circuit your SKY™ box in your eyes, but the image will still be there)
  • With the Link, sky TV, also known as the big magic eye, you can switch to new Sky channels from another room. Here are some tips and help on how to use the strategies.

    What Is A Sky TV Link?

    How do I get my Sky HD Magic Eye to work?

    Connect to the antenna jack of a second TV. You position the magic eye of your tvLink (a thing that looks like a laptop mouse) so that it is pointing unhindered at your Sky remote. Sky Connect Box and everything to itconnected to the mains. You should see a red power indicator on your TvLink.

    It is sometimes called the “Magic Eye of the Sky”. It can be used to change channels on a Sky box, or sky+ Sky+hd for those with more space.To use

    In order to connect to a TV, people must have an antenna cable from their skybox to make it a second TV.

    What frequency is Sky Magic Eye?

    Specifications: 5-30 return frequency: MHz; Frequency: 45-862MHz. On the

    Sky TV Link One is a dongle that connects to a second TV and has an infrared receiver. Point the Sky remote at the receiver and the view will send the signal over the air to the Sky basket and change channels. Get

    Where Can I Get A Link To Sky TV?

    Links to Sky TV from:

  • Maplin taken from
  • Argos
  • How To Join Sky TV Link

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  • If you are on the back of your Sky box, you should find connectors for two antennas marked RF1 Out and RF2 Out.

    Connect the antennacable that can be used to connect a TV to the RF2 connector.

    Nest on the back of a good Sky+HD RF box

    Socket 2 is definitely connected to the power supply, which allows TV communication, but not through the RF1 Out connector.other

    Connect the end of the extension cable to the TV Link, and then connect the TV Link to your TV

    Where is RF2 on Sky HD box?

    In your remote key services 0,0,1. Select this option to access most of the setup menu where you will find my RF2.TvLink settings

    Finally, a little home capsule somewhere. Reach for the places you want to point the computer remote to, usually near the TV.

    If TV Link is activated and working, the small indicator will turn red.

    My Magic Eye TV Link Is Broken!

    sky plus magic eye stopped working

    Here’s what to check:

  • Outlet: Make sure you have a link to this particular RF2 outlet on your Connected Sky device, as the RF1 outlet is never powered.
  • Cable: Make sure the plug connection of the RF2 socket is such that you have a second TV set – regularly, without breaks and breaks. also indicate that the recommended maximum cable length is 30 meters.
  • Connection: UbedCheck that the TV is properly connected to my TV. which is Male, comes ready in the TV, and the one on the socket takes over the antenna extension. Pick an approach that’s wrong and it won’t work
  • Power: The person must ensure that the RF2 outlet is supplying power to the facility. secret This is an engineer menu setting. To get there, press “Services” on the sky cutout, then on the input controller, 4 people 0 and press “Select”. (For most Sky+hd boxes, “Services” > 0 three 1 > “Select”). Moving on to RF Turn delays, you build muscle on RF2.

  • Booster? Some end users may experience problems with certain type of amplifier/amplifier and Magic Eye TV connection. Some models of signal amplifiers can block Sky commands from the RF2 connector. Amplifiers Look for a signal with a digital bypass. If you can try to bypass your booster to take advantage if the problem goes away from this point, it will help confirm if the problem is with yours.Product or not.
  • Reboot your Sky: According to Sky, the RF2 socket feature is in development, and restarting the Sky could solve many of the problems TVLinks are having. You can find a brief description of how to perform a proper reset at