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    If you receive a scripting/email troubleshooting error, this guide should help.

    If you’re using a make-up or script on your site that sends emails, but find that they don’t work, here are a few general steps that can help you determine what has been visited incorrectly.

    1. Find the page submitting the form.
    2. Look at the code, but look for the part that thinks action=”
    3. Check out what the action is using, whether it’s another .perl file or another script that you can determine is preferable for sending email.< /li >
    4. Once users know which file is actually sending the email, they can verify that most of the file contains the email address. If it is a file hosted elsewhere, troubleshooting will remove that location.

    You must ensure that your domain matches our server correctly for your website account.
    If the email address you are sending to is not managed by WestHost, it may be blocked by the remote site’s mail servers.
    If your MX record is definitely notIf it does not point to WestHost, you must select “Remote” in the MX Record Settings section to ensure that the corresponding server check is the correct MX to send.

    //syntax mail(“recipient”, “subject”, “message”);
    mail(“[email protected]”. œ, “Test message”, â “This test and only test”);

    This is a simplified PHP mail script, and you can usually do much more complex things with the mail function. The cross function can also be used to check if php mail() is actually running. For more information on advanced use of the mail function see

    Fix Server-side Scripting Errors

    Many custom NetObjects Fusion components require specific server-side configuration elements to work properly.

    The following is a list of common server-side errors and/or possible solutions.

    Error 104 The Specified Website Is Currently Unavailable

    Cause: The page required by the script is missing or may not be available.

    Error 110. Email Design Not Found

    Cause: Could not find all the template files used to create the email message. The application may not be sent to the server.

    Decision. Make sure “Publish” is checked, I would say “Component”. In the Publish view, select Publish > Publish Components and make sure the most appropriate publishing component is selected.

    Error 201 SMTP Server Error

    Cause: The SMTP device specified in the configuration file does not exist or is not responding.

    Decision. Check the SMTP settings in all component editors or contact the body administrator.

    Error 202 SMTP Server Error. Invalid Email Address

    Cause: The email addresses of the recipient or sender used for the publication were not set correctly.

    Workaround: Check the person’s email addresses in the To or From fields in the component ring dialog boxes and make sure the format matches the email address syntax (for example, [email protected]) .302

    Error, Configuration Error k PHP

    Cause: The directory specified in the upload_tmp_dir entry in the php.ini file does not physically exist or cannot be written directly.

    Decision. Contact your ISP or, if you have the appropriate permissions, check if the specific directory pointed to by the above path exists or if write permissions have already been granted.

    Error 400 Component Not Found

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • Cause: Failed to find component ID in configuration XML.

    Error 500: Creating A CSV File

    Reason. This error may occur because you do not have write access to the shared directory where the CSV file is to be created.

    Decision. Check the publishing target and ensure that the directory where the CSV file will be created is offered write permissions.

    Error 501 Error Reading CSV Text File

    Reason. This error occurs when read permissions are not granted on the site where the .csv file is located.

    Resolution: .Check .the .display .location .and .verify that .permissions to .read .are .given .in the .phone .details .where . Locale .csv data filecalled

    Error 502: Failed To Write To CSV Text File

    Reason. This error occurs when the website where the CSV file is to be created does not have write permissions.

    Decision. Check all of our publish targets and ensure that the directory where the main CSV file will be created has write permissions.

    Error 520. Error Opening CSV Text File

    scripts/ mail troubleshoot

    Reason. This error occurs when the directory where some .csv files are located does not have read permissions.

    Solution: .Check .publication .target .and .make sure .directory .where .directory .which .usually .csv .files .are .res .are .faces .read .

    Error 600 XML Error

    Reason. This error is most likely caused by a syntax error or corrupted XML formatting.

    Error 601. XML File Cannot Be Opened

    scripts/ mail troubleshoot

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