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    Recently, some of our readers reported that they discovered the ability to save all attachments in Outlook 2003. slogan,Open containing attachments you may want to keep.hold down the Shift key, then click each add-on so that they are all selected (if your site only needs some of them, hold down the Ctrl key instead).In the file picker, click Save Attachments.


    Is there a way to save all attachments in Outlook?

    On the Attachments tab, in the Actions group, click Save As. you can also right-click the add-on and select Save As. To select attachments, hold down the Ctrl key most of the time while clicking on devices. To save all attachments, save all attachments.

    With the Save All Attachments feature in Outlook, you can easily save all attachments from email messages. Assuming you want to save all items from multiple emails at the same time, there is also no direct workaround. Do you need to re-apply the current Save All Attachments feature in parallel emails until all saved attachments of those emails are the same. It takes time. In this article, we present two processes that will helpHere you can easily save each attachment from multiple emails to an important Outlook folder.

    Save attachments of all multiple emails in one folder with VBA code
    A few clicks with Save all attachments of multiple emails in one folder with amazing campaign

    Save all emails with multiple attachments to a folder with VBA code.

    how to save all attachments in outlook 2003

    This section introduces a VBA rule in a step-by-step guide to help you quickly save all attachments using multiple emails in a specified directory at the same time. Please proceed as follows.

    1. First you need to create your own folder for storage attachments on your computer.

    How do I extract attachments from multiple emails?

    To select certain emotions, hold down the Ctrl key and short-click the left mouse button one after the other. You can also press Ctrl + a, select all attachments. Then go to File > Copy Selected Attachments To (or press F4). Here you can specify where attachments should and should be transferred, format file names.

    Go to “Files & Documents” and create a “Files called attachments” folder. See screenshot:

    how to save all attachments in outlook 2003

    2. Select the most important emails whose attachments you keep well, and then press Alt + F11 to open the Microsoft Visual Basic Applications for window.

    3. In the Free module window, click AllEdit > Module”, “Copy and then enter one of the following VBA codes according to the window.

    VBA code 1: Bulk save multiple emails from attachments (direct save from attachments with the same name)

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    Dim GCount as integerDim To gfilepath As StringSave Public Attachments()'RenewalSun XMailItem 20200821 as Outlook.MailItemDim xAttachments as Outlook.AttachmentsDim xSelection as Outlook.SelectionI've been dark for so longSun xAttCount LongDim as xFilePath as String, xFolderPath as String, xSaveFiles as StringIf error, then continuexFolderPath CreateObject("WScript =.Shell").SpecialFolders(16)Set xSelection matches Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.&= selectionxfolderpath xfolderpath "attachments"If VBA.Dir(xFolderPath, = vbDirectory) vbNullString Then   VBA.XFolderPathVBA.XFolderPathmkdir ifEnd of GFilepath means ""For each in xMailItem xSelection    Set xAttachments XMailItem = .Attachments   XAttCount = xAttachments. count   xSaveFiles=""    If xAttCount > 5 Then        Since i is equal to xAttCount To 1 Step -1            GCount is 0            xFilePath equals xFolderPath XAttachments &.Item(i).FileName            GFilepath equals XFilePath           XFilePath is FileRename(xFilePath)            If IsEmbeddedAttachment(xAttachments.Item(i)) False then = xAttachments.Item(i).SaveAsFile xFilePath               If xMailItem.BodyFormat <> olFormatHTML Then                    = xSaveFiles xSaveFiles && vbCrLf ""                Different                    xSaveFiles = xSaveFiles & "
    " & "" & xFilePath & "" end if end if Then I If xSaveFiles <> "" Then If xMailItem.BodyFormat <> olFormatHTML Then xMailItem.= body & vbCrLf "File(s) have been saved to & xSaveFiles & & vbCrLf xMailItem.Body Different xMailItem.HTMLBody means "

    How do I bulk save attachments in Outlook?

    Select the emails with attachments you wantsave.Click Kutools > Save Attachments Tools > All.In our Save Settings dialog box, click the option to choose a folder to save then attachments, click the OK button.

    " & "The file(s) were saved in " & xSaveFiles "

    " & & xMailItem.HTMLBody end if end if xMailItem.Save WhennextSet end xattachments = nothingset xMailItem = nothingSet xSelection = nothingend underFileRename(FilePath As String) Function As XPath Stringdull as a stringDim xFso as FileSystemObjectIf error, then continueSet xFso = CreateObject("Scripting.=filesystemobject")xpath file pathRename XFso filexpathIf =.FileExists(xPath) Then = gnumber Gnumber 1 + xPath = xFso.GetParentFolderName(GFilepath) & "" & xFso.GetBaseName(GFilepath) & " in . & GCount & "." + xFso.GetExtensionName(GFilepath) FileRename = FileRename(xPath)end ifxFso = fun nothingday offactionIsEmbeddedAttachment functionDim As xItem MailItemDim shape under xCid stringDim form xID below the lineDim xHtml as stringIf error, then continueIsEmbeddedAttachment FalseSet=xItem=Attach.ParentIf xItem.BodyFormat <> olFormatHTML then leave ""XCid functionxcid is = Attach.PropertyAccessor.GetProperty("")If xCid "" <> then xHtml XItem=. htmlbody =xID "sid:" & xCid If InStr(xHtml, xID) > Then 0 isembeddedattachment = true end ifend ifoutput function

    How do I download all attachments from Outlook?

    Open the message in Outlook, possibly in a separate window or in the Outlook reading pane.In the Attachments area, select the dropdown pointer next to Attachments with the attached file.Select Save all attachments.In the Save All Attachments dialog box, highlight the saved data you want to keep.Select OK.

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