In some cases, your system may generate an error code indicating how manual pages are read in Windows. There can be many reasons for this problem.

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    HELP is a Windows command for comparable people.

    How do I read a man file?

    You should try to read your file flat with man, because anyone in path_to_file will treat the given argument as a file if they find a real slash / in it. For example, man./my_test also opens the file my_test, and man my_test in the standard manual looks for the specified command.

    C:> HELPFor more information about a specific command line, type HELP commandnameASSOC Displays association changes or file moves.ATTRIB Displays or modifies attribute information.BREAK Sets extended CTRL+C check in addition to suppression.BCDEDIT Sets properties in b No launch data to download the launch processing.CACLS Displays or lists changes to ACL (Access Control Subscriber) files.CALL Calls each other's batch program for.CD name Displays or settings of the current browsing directory.CHCP Displays sets or look-ahead code page numbers.chdir Displays the names or situations of the current directory.CHKDSK hard Checks the disk and displays the status of the history.CHKNTFS Displays or modifies the actual disk check during boot.CLS Clears the screen.CMD Starts a new interpreter instance of Windows commands. SetsCOLOR is the default foreground and background color for the console.COMP Compares the contents of some files or files defines.COMPACT Shows changes or compression used from files on NTFS partitions.CONVERT Convert volumes to the NTFS file system. You can't have them transform today's journey.COPY Copies one or more files to the specified location.DATE Displays or sets the date.del Deletes one or more files.DIR Displays a list of types and files in the directory's subdirectories.DISKCOMP CompareNo contents of floppy disks connected to disks.DISKCOPY Copies the contents of one weak crystal to the hard disk of another.DISKPART Displays the configured or partition-only properties of the hard disk.DOSKEY command Changes strings and also restores Windows commands.               creates macros. Displaysdriverquery displays the state and current properties of the device driver.ECHO messages are displayed to activate or deactivate echo influence.endlocal localization of changes in the environment file brew.DELETE Probably deletes another file.EXIT Closes the CMD.EXE (command interpreter) services.FC Compares two files from or and files, displays them               differences between them.FIND Searches for a specific text string in files.and files.FINDSTR Find lines in files.for Executes a specific command on almost all files associated from a set.disk,format formatted for use with Windows.FSUTIL Displays or configures the customization file system. Displaysftype or configures the file types used when adding files.              associations.GOTO Directs the interpreter of command Window expressionss to the first line above.               control program.GPRESULT Displays the group information mechanism for a target or user policy.GRAFTABL Allows Windows to display this extended character set.               graphics mode.HELP Provides help information for running Windows commands.View, edit, backup or restore ICACLS ACLs for computer files and               directories.conditional Executeif processing in batch mode. Creates programslabel modifies or removes volumes of any type.MD Creates a directory.MKDIR Creates a directory.MKLINK creates symlinks and hard linksMODE Configures the normal device.MORE Displays the output on the screen
    how to read man pages in windows

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