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    If you are facing the error that Microsoft Office Outlook cannot start and the Outlook window cannot be opened, this blog post will help you. In the upper left corner of Outlook, select File > Options > Add-ins. Restart Outlook and disable any problematic add-ins you have enabled, and then start Outlook. Be sure to follow the restart-disable-restart process as usual for each previously enabled add-in in Outlook.

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    Is this a recent issue? Did the public do any operations before him?

  • error cannot start microsoft office outlook unable open outlook window

    Resetting the navigation bar A corrupted navigation bar can prevent you from opening Outlook. Try redesigning the navigation bar and restarting Outlook to pass the test (Windows + R > type “Outlook.exe /resetnavpane” > type)

  • Running in safe mode Some add-ons or custom elements can also cause your offer to run. Try restarting Outlook in safe mode (Windows + R > type “Outlook.exe /safe” > type)

  • Restore the data file. If your favorite issue persists, it may indeed be related to a corrupted data file, try fixing it.test it with a test.

  • Logging out of Lync or Skype for Business According to my research, the issue can occur whenever you use Skype or Lync if Skype for Business starts before Outlook starts, so it’s a good idea to right-click Skype for Business in the taskbar and select “Exit” to make it easier to close, then try opening Skype and restarting Skype if Outlook is now open.

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  • Windows clean start To avoid interference from other programs that can cause all these problems, try a soft restart in Windows and continue checking Outlook.

  • We recommend that you follow the steps above first to resolve any issues. If they are not valid, please give me more information about personal issues (eg your own version of Outlook and Windows) where I can get more specific help.

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    Can’t try Microsoft Office Outlook? If you’re frustrated, in this article, we’re highlighting the best one-stop solutions for all problems opening the Outlook app.

    Users have reported fix errors when they try to start Outlook on their device and then use the software that won’t start. This is a big problem for those who use Outlook in their daily life because they don’t have access to email, calendar, comments, etc.

    Our article is about fixing the problem with starting Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open Outlook Eyeport. Fix the “Unable to open folders with Easy Universal” error to apply fixes that work for most users. reason

    Which Results In The Message “Microsoft Outlook Cannot Be Started. Outlook Windows Cannot Be Opened. Makes Folders Unavailable To Open.” Error?

    The main problem you are facingfaced with this error was that the Outlook application could not be opened. After trying to start Outlook, all you see is the cursor loading for a while before an error popup appears. All you have to do is click “OK” and ask what’s next.

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process

  • While the exact cause of this error is unknown, Microsoft itself has identified a dilemma that leads to this problem. According to you, the main culprit would be a corruption of your Outlook profile file, an .xml file that consists of your Outlook name. reason

    Another reason could be that Outlook is trying to start in Compatibility Mode and you are using a profile (PST or OST) that was created in an existing version of Outlook and may have been deleted due to errors.

    No one knows how corrupted these files are without malicious attacks, but it happens and that’s why you need to fix it. Our solutions in the next section will definitely help you repair Outlook regardless of the cause of the error.

    Before fixing a bug, it should be noted that you may need to access someOr an administrator account to do anything related to the steps below. If not all accounts you are currently using have administrator rights, please change this in the settings.

    error cannot start microsoft office outlook unable open outlook window

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