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    If you have seen error 3149 iPad 2, the following guide should help.


    Overview: Causes, Common Errors, And Cases Of ITunes Error 3194

    error 3149 ipad 2

    “When I tried to go back to my iPhone 11 iTunes, it got error 3194. Is there a way to solve our own problem?”

    How do I reinstall iOS on my iPad 2?

    To reinstall your iPhone or possibly iPad on iOS: Download and install iMazing. Launch any application and connect your device to your Mac or PC. Wait until your device appears on the IOS screen, Reinstall and in iMazing click Reinstall iOS.

    iTunes error 3194 is an error that can appear when you want to update, restore or sync your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Touch with the full version of iTunes. Many users have a bad experience with this error. When i-tunes attacks error 3194, a pop-up window appears with the error message “Failed to restore iPhone. Unknown error (3194).”

    iTunes error 3194 occurs whenever iTunes is unable to connect to or communicate with Apple’s firmware signature verification server. In most cases, this is because this setting changed the hosts file, which usually caused Apple servers to crash when buyers change their jailbreak power with devices. The most effective way to fix iTunes error 3194 is to check and change the host directories. you here show us step by step how it finally works. Then don’t you need to try line-by-line fixes to fix the problem.

    Steps To Consider. ITunes 3194

    Step 1 failed.Make sure iTunes is turned off on your PC (Widows/Mac).
    Step 2. Open the archives of the host computer:
    one on yours For windows drives: c:windowssystem32driversetchosts
    B.Mac for users: set /ect/hosts
    scene.Hosts open the file with the rights that belong to them.
    Step 4 Copy “” to the last “Host” line of the file. then “save” the file.
    Step 5. Connect iPod Nano to PC via USB cable and open iTunes.
    Step 6. Press and hold the “Power” button for 10 seconds to disconnect iPhone from your device.
    Step 7. Put your iPhone/iPad/iPod into DFU mode by turning off the phone normally, then holding the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds, then release the Power button, but release the Control button. that the device is now in data recovery mode.above

    error 3149 ipad 2

    The above steps help many users to get rid of the annoying iTunes error 3194. And if this tool doesn’t work, you can try EaseUS MobiSaver, an alternative iTunes tool to recover your data. No need to restore with iTunes, the program can scan and extract directly.There are Apple backups to export related data to PC, memory card, usb stick and some other devices.

    1. Launch EaseUS MobiSaver, “Restore select from iTunes backup”, try to backup your device with iTunes, and click the “Scan” button to prepare the program to search for the i-tunes backup file to restore all your search data.

    2. Find all new files one by one and browse through them, find different types of files, then select the files you need. Restore them and click Restore to extract them and save them to your computer or other storage device.

    How do I fix error 4013 on iPad 2?

    Steps to Force Restart iPad: Briefly press the Volume Down key. Then press and hold the Power button until the item restarts. iPad with Johnson Home (including iPod touch 6th generation or earlier): Press and hold the Home switch and top side switch (or switch until the Apple logo appears.

    Have you experienced Apple iTunes error 3194 when trying to update, restore, or sync your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch only? Here’s an easier way to fix iTunes error 3194.

    How do you fix the iPad could not be restored an unknown error occurred?

    Make sure your Mac is running the latest macOS or iTunes.Force reboot your device:Connect someone’s device to your computer with a working USB cable.When you see all the update or restore options, please click “Update” here instead of “restore” to successfully reinstall the software and keep all your personal data.

    About the article: If it matches “iPhone cannot be returned. One unknown ce 9 error, iTunes error (error 9 iPhone 9) is definitely there. Don’t worry, this information will show you some strategies for dealing with it. Compare this with 9 mistake.

    How do I fix error 9 on iPad 2?

    Check the USB cable connection.Restore iPod nano on a friend’s computer using softwareusing iTunes.Force restart your device.Antiviruscheck your computer’s firewall as well.Update iTunes to the latest version.Use Recovery Mode to Fix iTunes Error 9.DeSelect Restart iPhone over network wirelessly.

    So, dear readers, avid users of iPhone or other iOS solutions, you are probably here because you have encountered Apple iTunes error 9 (iPhone error 9), which suddenly appeared out of the blue.


    You may have already received a notification that iTunes has a new Plus firmware update ready for you. Then you connected your iOS device just like any other day. Then everything works safely, so… Yes, we know this approach, where it leads.

    Well, you are certainly not alone. Many other users of iOS 11 devices are now facing exactly the same situation, and so at FoneDog you have tried proven ways to get your mobile/camera/gaming/video/work device back on track .

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  • 2. Open the program and click "Scan"
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  • So, read on for Apple users, or let’s now take a look at what this iTunes 9 error is and why it appears in the first place.

    Before the iTunes 9 fix:

    We have focused on developing software for iOS devices and have created a good tool that meets the expectations of iOS users and is easy to use use.

    How to fix iTunes error 3194 when restoring iPhone?

    more tips to fix iTunes error 3194, total 2 a.1. Check the hosts file. i-tunes error 3194 that appears when your family restores or an iPhone updates or possibly an iPad because iTunes can’t connect to the Apple server properly. 2 2.2. Temporarily uninstall security software. especially 2.3. iTunes Update to the latest specific version to avoid unknown error 3194.

    Here’s a tip: download the FoneDog iOS.System Recovery Fix for the eleventh iTunes error and other system errors on a real iOS device. If you want to know the reason and the magic formula of the automotive market, we have good ideas and common solutions worth trying.

    operating system recovery Fix the system with various iOS product issues such as recovery mode, DFU mode, repeated white screen on startup, etc. Fix your IOS device as normal to white apple logo, black screen, blank screen and red screen. Just restore your operating system to normal, the lack of data is frustrating. Fix iTunes 3600 Error Nine, Error 14 and Various Smartphone Error Codes Unlock your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. Free download

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    How to fix iTunes error code 17?

    (Read this guide if you encounter iTunes error 17.) Step 1. Right-click the i-tunes icon, select “Force enable iTunes”. 2 September. Click Apple in the top right corner and navigation select “Restart” accordingly. Step 3. Now restart your computer, launch iTunes and you will be up and running again.